Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials

Such hybrid materials combine metal nodes with bridging or terminal organic ligands or with templating organic cations for the anionic metal-coordination network.

Our work has addressed mixed-valence iron phosphates and phosphonates, as well as halocuprates (connecting synthesis, crystal structure elucidation and Fe-Mössbauer spectroscopy).

Metal phosphates with open-framework structures, most notably aluminium phosphates (AlPOs) are of interest because of their potential applications as catalysts, molecular sieves or ion-exchange materials similar to zeolites.

Halometallate and in particular halocuprate compounds are of continuous interest for their structural richness, semiconducting, magnetic, photo-luminescent and photochromic properties.

The figure illustrates the inorganic-organic hybrid compound {(C4H12N2)2[CuII4](I2)}n which behaves likes an inorganic starch-iodine model.


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