Supramolecular chemistry

The hydrogen bond is one of the most important intra- and inter-molecular interactions for physiological processes. Together with other weak interactions, such as pi-pi stacking between aromatic rings, the hydrogen bond can also be used for the structural "design" of supramolecular metal-ligand networks.

Understanding the topology of three-dimensional packing of molecules through non-covalent interactions such as hydrogen-bonding and pi-pi stacking is of continuous interest.

Over the years we have studied different supramolecular metal-ligand structures, thereby touching on polymorphism, Z' > 2 structures, diastereo-selectivity, spontaneous resolution, inverse bilayers, two-dimensional water etc.

The image is the cover of the issue including an article on a case of spontaneous resolution into four-fold right- or left-handed helices through hydrogen-bonding and van der Waals packing; C. Janiak, A.-C. Chamayou, A. K. M. R. Uddin, M. Uddin, K. S. Hagen, M. Enamullah, Dalton Trans. 2009, 3698-3709.



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