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Scanning Electron Microscope (REM)

JEOL JFC-1200 Fine Coater

Samples are first prepared by coating them with gold. The samples can be in powder form or as solids; membranes can also be examined. The sputtering increases the conductivity to prevent charging of the sample.

 JEOL JSM-6510

The scanning electron microscope can take high-resolution images of the samples. Depending on the sample, images can be taken with a magnification factor of up to x30,000. The samples must be vacuum-stable for the measurement and must not outgas during the measurement. For image acquisition, the samples are irradiated with an electron beam with an acceleration voltage of up to 20 kV. A LaB6 cathode serves as the electron source.

 Bruker XFlash Detector 410-M

The additional EDX detector enables the recording of energy-dispersive X-ray spectra. This enables a qualitative analysis of the composition as well as a semi-quantitative determination of elements heavier than fluorine. The distribution of elements within a sample can also be determined via EDX mapping.



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