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Metal Nanoparticles and Ionic Liquids

Metal Nanoparticles


 Material Synthesis in Ionic Liquids
– with a focus on metal nanoparticles

The field of "inorganic materials from ionic liquids" (ILs) is a young and dynamically growing research area for less than 10 years. The ionothermal synthesis in ILs is often connected with the preparation of nanomaterials, the use of microwave heating and in part also ultrasound. Inorganic material synthesis in ILs allows obtaining phases which are not accessible in conventional organic or aqueous solvents or with standard methods of solid-state chemistry or under such mild conditions. Examples include metal nanoparticles without added stabilizing capping ligands. In our work we are preparing metal nanoparticles (and metal chalcogenides) from various precursors in ionic liquids, analyze and characterize them through many different methods and test their catalytic potential. Our work also addresses the deposition of metal nanoparticles on graphene type materials (such as thermally reduced graphite oxide, TRGO).undefined[pdf]

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